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My name is Tommy. I am 15 years old. I am also a survivor of child-on-child rape, incest, and sexual assault. My perpetrator was my 13 year old half-brother. I was 8 years old when it all started and almost 10 when I disclosed. I started speaking publicly when I was 13. I want other kids to know it is not their fault! No matter what your abuser tells you someone will listen. You are not alone! I told another kid at play practice. He told adults. Principals, counselors,teachers, Lunch Ladies, Neighbors,friends,parents of friends, or any adult. Someone will listen. This page is to follow my journey as I help raise awareness. As I do more public speakings my mom or I will update the page.

Help is available National Sexual Assault Hotline. Free. Confidential. 24/7. Call 800.656.HOPE

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